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The Entry of Shepherds at Camacho’s Wedding
Thérèse et Fanny Elssler
The Batchelour Sanson Carasco, or Knight of the Mirrours, is vanquish’d by Don Quixot, who commands him to throw himself at the feet of Dulcinea
Vue de la cathédrale Saint-Isaac, Saint-Pétersbourg
The Entry of Love and Riches at Camacho’s Wedding
Don Quixote through the folly of an extravagant Love for Dulcinea, Sallys forth as a Knight Errant
Geishas dans une maison de bain
Don Quixot fastn’d to the Window by the malice of Maritorne
Sancho’s Cowardise at the Hunting
Wisdom delivers Don Quixot from his Madness
Don Quixote attended by the Duchess’s Women
Don Quixote takes the Puppets to be Turks, and Attacks them to rescue two flying Lovers